Pelvic Floor Bootcamp

Intensive 4-week series to experience how pelvic floor yoga can help you.

WE START MAY 29, 2023

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Yoga is the journey of

self, through the self, to the self

Let me teach you the secrets of pelvic floor yoga. We will explore a wide range of techniques and modifications that you can use in your daily life. You'll become the expert in what works for your body's needs, and can apply these lessons to any class you take in the future.

Join us and learn how to stretch, relax, and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Pelvic Floor Boot Camp Series

Each Session will be 60 minutes:

45 minutes of exercise followed by 15 minutes of Q&A

Sessions are Mon/Wed/Fri | 6 pm - 7 pm pst | Broadcasted on Zoom

Day 1

Techniques to Breathe into the Pelvic Floor

Train your pelvic floor to go through its full range of motion. We will use a series of postures to help you deepen your breath.

Day 2

Yoga in Everyday Life

Adjust your feet and pelvis to protect the pelvic floor, then apply your new skills in life. Learn how to bend and reach while doing dishes, hold groceries and kids, and more.

Day 3

Deep Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Explore a series of postures and pranayama techniques to fully release and relax the hips and pelvic floor. Relaxing is important, even if your goal is to strengthen.

Day 4

Strengthening vs Stretching the Pelvic Floor

Learn the importance of stretching before strengthening the pelvic floor. This class will teach you how to modify several poses based on your body's needs to release tension or build tone.

Day 5

The Yoga Strap

Experience how adding a yoga Strap can change the whole dynamic of your pelvic floor yoga practice as you exercise every muscle group.

Day 6

Hip Opening

The hips are one of the most obvious connections to the pelvic floor. Join us as we explore postures that target the muscles of the lower body.

Day 7

Strong Core with a Protected Pelvic Floor

Experience a core workout without fearing for your pelvic floor muscles. Learn how to safely protect the pelvic floor while strengthening your abs.

Day 8

The Chair

Adjust your feet and pelvis to protect the pelvic floor, then apply your new skills in life. Learn how to bend and reach while doing dishes, hold groceries and kids, and more.

Day 9

Full Body Stability (Fun with Blocks)

Learn how to use a yoga block to modify traditional postures and ramp up the intensity as you stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Day 10

Yoga Flow

Tie breath to motion through your entire yoga practice with this traditional Hatha and Pranayam class.

Day 11

The Kegel Alternative

Learn when to add a perineum lift when strengthening the pelvic floor. Don't worry if this isn't what you want to do, because this class also gives alternatives for stretching.

Day 12

Full Body Intensity

Have fun as you incorporate all you have learned in this bootcamp to a fun, high intensity workout that will help you stretch and strengthen the entire body.

Are you ready?

Everyone should learn how to protect, stretch, and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Start Your Pelvic Floor Journey

Does exercising make you feel wet or increase your pelvic pain and pressure?

Are you frustrated and feeling a little bit broken?


24% of women experience pelvic floor dysfunction in their lives and it impacts all genders. Unfortunately, people tend to suffer in silence because they don't know what to do. They give up on fitness and their health suffers. Fortunately, there are exercises that may help you get fit without worsening your symptoms.

Pelvic floor yoga is specifically designed for your muscle concerns. Every pose is focused on your body's needs, so that you can safely relax and strengthen your pelvic floor while you work the entire body. Use the breath and hip adjustments you learn in class and apply them to real life, and you'll feel like a new person.




"I have cystocele and rectocele, and gave up running and jumping for many years. Within about six months of yoga with Tracy I was able to start playing tennis with my kids."




"MAGIC... I didn't realize that I had a weak pelvic floor until I started taking Tracy's Online Yoga Programs. I have taken several online lessons with Tracy which have totally changed my post menopausal Life."




"Tracy's classes are a breath of fresh air for my day. Her pelvic floor expertise is woven throughout the classes, keeping us aware that small changes can reap great results."

Frequently Asking Questions

Is this bootcamp designed for people with tight or weak pelvic floors?

BOTH! Every class will give modifications to poses that will help you focus more on stretching or relaxing, depending on what your body needs.

I have pelvic organ prolapse. Will this be a problem for me in the bootcamp?

If your doctor has cleared you to exercise, you should enjoy this course. The instructor has been living with prolapse since 2011, and always gives modifications to prevent you from feeling extra pressure while you're exercising.

My pelvic floor is really tight. How can I get stronger without hurting myself?

All of our yoga classes focus on deep breathing while stretching the pelvic floor. On the days when you feel up to trying some of the strengthening focused modifications, the poses will always be followed by movements designed to release any tension you might be holding in the pelvic floor. I'll also let you in a secret - most of the stretching poses subtly build strength, too, so you can get stronger by just sticking with the relaxing options.

What's the deal with pelvic floor yoga? Do you just stick Kegels into your routines?

Kegels actually are not good exercises for many people, so we don't use them. This style of yoga positions the pelvis in a way that supports your organs and protects the pelvic floor. We also use breathing techniques to help move the pelvic floor through its full range of motion, which is important for everyone's pelvic health. Occasionally, you'll hear an optional cue to "lift the perineum," but only for a few breaths in the class. This is as close as we ever get to a Kegel, and it's rare that we even go that far.

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! You can watch our videos on any device that has internet access.

Will I be required to be on camera during the bootcamp?

We do not require anyone to keep their cameras on during class. We strongly encourage it so that the teacher can help you modify and prevent injury, but we respect your decision to turn off your video if you are feeling uncomfortable.

How do I participate in the sessions?

We use Zoom to broadcast the sessions. You will receive the private Zoom link via email after registration.

What days and times are the sessions?

The sessions will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 pm pst, and will last 60 minutes. The Pelvic Floor exercise/yoga portion will last 45 minutes and will be followed by 15 minutes of Q & A time so you can be further educated.

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